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90-Day Transformation Week 2: I'm Back And I'm (Slightly) Better

After a rocky first week eating wise -- and a few days of burning quads -- I started the second week of my 90-day transformation more focused and disciplined. And I even managed to improve some things week over week.

Day 8

Monday began with the same kettlebell swing-medicine ball slam pyramid from week one. On my first day of training, I completed the circuit in 5:53; this week my time was 4:40. Not bad. I then completed the following circuits:

Squat and Press Pyramid: 7:19

5 Rounds of 5 Tire Flips, 15 Bent Over Rows, 15 Dips: 9:54 seconds

5 Rounds of 50 Rope Slams and 10 Curls: 6:55

Day 9

Non-training days are all about cardio to be sure I'm losing fat at the same time I'm building muscle from weight training. On Tuesday I did run-walk intervals from my home to the park and back. In one hour I clocked 3.8 miles. I only ran about one-third of the time during my run. My immediate goal is to build my endurance and be able to run half of the time and walk the other half. Jah wants to get me to the point where I can run the whole time.

Day 10

There was a lot of HIIT happening on Wednesday, from kettlebell swings to in and outs to squat jacks and ropes. And when I wasn't out of breath from that, I did box squats (an alternative to regular standing squats until I increase my hip flexibility and mobility to squat low on my own), overhead press, bent over rows, and even a little stationary bike work.

I felt really motivated by my morning session so in the evening I went for a 5.5 mile run-walk. I didn't totally plan to be out for that long, but that's what happens when you get lost in Central Park.

Day 11

Thursday I went back to the Heavy Hitters boxing class for cardio conditioning. I have faith all those punches will help me tone my arms more quickly and get rid of all the fat flab swinging around.

Day 12

Friday was hard AF. Jah squeezed in another 1:1 session with me in the morning and when he texted me "We have a goodie for tomorrow morning" I should've known to prepare myself. I assumed he meant we were going running. What happened were a series of drills that threatened to take me out.

I did one circuit of nine medicine ball slams, running from ball to ball in between, and then doing 15 in and outs afterward. I completed one circuit of three rounds and then repeated the circuit after a couple of minutes of rest, testing Jah's theory that no one pushes themselves as hard as they can the first time around. Sure enough, when I had to race the clock, I beat my first time by about 50 seconds.

I also did another circuit of thrusts (squats with an overhead press), deadlifts, and sandbag throws. It's only my hope of one day having a perfectly round ass that got me through. Those sandbags are the devil.

Day 13

Saturday I hosted my first workout event, the Trapdrill, and it was a major success -- and a kickbutt workout. I hadn't done a dance fitness class in a while and I forgot just how fun and challenging they can be. Everyone walked out covered in sweat and hungry. I hit my cardio goals with the hour workout.

Day 14

I got a late start to my day Sunday, thanks to a late night and a few too many cocktails -- the only slip in my diet this week, along with the fries I had with a chicken sandwich at a bar I went to. After I got my bearings, I went for about a 2.5-mile run-walk. Later in the evening I turned on my Latin playlist and danced with a set of light handweights in my living room to hit my calorie burn goals for the day.

Overall, I'm feeling really great about training. I can tell my coordination and endurance are improving in just a short amount of time and I think I'm noticing some changes when I look in the mirror too. I haven't been able to skirt the scale like I've been advised to so it's been hard not seeing any evidence of my hard work there, but I am trusting the process and the other improvements I'm seeing to keep me going.

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