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Being Enough Retreat

My philosophy when I came up with the concept for this site was the idea that believing you're enough is a never-ending journey. Whenever we are dealt a blow, fail to achieve a goal, or are trying to muster up the courage to try something new many of us questioning whether we're good enough. Some fear and doubt is natural and to be expected, but some is rooted in deep-seated pain that has stopped us from being who we're meant to be for too long. It's the latter we're going to try to help each other break through during the Being Enough Retreat in beautiful Carriacou Island January 3-9.

Curated by HolistiCitiLyfe and co-hosted by Dr. Crystal Jones, the purpose of the retreat is to help one another move past self-deprecation, self-sabotage, and self-fulling prophesies to believing we are enough right now, no matter where we are in our personal, professional, or physical health journeys.

There will be daily yoga instruction, healthy meals cooked by a private chef at El Noel Villa, workshops by Dr. Jones, and an empowerment session by yours truly, as well as opportunities to explore the beautiful island of Carriacou with women on the same journey.

Just last New Year's I was sitting at home planning out how to create this site and what purpose it would serve and now next New Year's I'll be co-hosting a retreat that's all about believing you're enough. That's a testament right there to what can happen when you push past insecurities and I'm excited to share that process with you at this awesome retreat so we can all leave feelings of not being enough in the past where they belong.

For details and booking info, visit

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