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If You Ever Need To Be Reminded Of Your Magic, Watch This

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Black Girl Magic was the all-encompassing catchphrase of African American female excellence in 2016, but have you ever taken the time to really think about what your specific magic is as a Black woman? If you haven't, "Finding Magic" will certainly get your wheels turning.

The short film on self love by Andrea Lewis features Black women like Melanie Fiona, Yara Shahidi, and some of my personal favorite ladies, Gia Peppers, Ty Alexander, and Africa Miranda, sharing what their magic is, and in turn giving every Black woman and girl watching the movie permission to discover their own magic and walk in it unabashedly.

Such a big part of getting to a place where you feel like you're enough is vocalizing what you offer to the world and realizing doing so is okay. In fact, it's part of sharing your magic with others, or "being able to stunt on a ho" --my personal favorite definition of Black Girl Magic offered in the film.

Watch "Finding Magic" below and challenge yourself to identify and walk in your own magic.

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