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32 Things I'm Excited About At 32

Today's my 32nd birthday but I feel like 30 again -- happy, optimistic, determined, bold, a little brave, and full of possibility. Thirty-one was by no means a bad year, I traveled to Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Miami, Guadeloupe, and the city I hope to call home one day -- New Orleans -- twice; I saw Mimi in concert for the first time; and I finally got that Jeezy interview. But I was also just doing a lot of stuff without much purpose. I reaped a lot of rewards and decided 2017 would be a year of sowing. Already, some of the seeds I've planted have come to harvest, so as I start a new year of life I figured it was the perfect time to share all the things I'm excited about at the ripe old/young age of 32.

1. Visiting Mpumalanga and Durban -- The next stops on the South African excursion I'm currently on.

2. The Trap Drill == Will you be there?

3. Personal training again (more on that soon)

4. Hitting my weight loss goal for good

5. Building my upper body strength

6. The New You Conference (details to come)

7. Crop tops and booty shorts (throwback goal; I'll just settle on crop tops for now)

8. Being less intimidated by new things

9. Giving less fucks about what people think

10. Fostering genuine relationships

11. Honoring my body

12. Cuba -- had to reschedule my trip, but it's happening

13. No longer exaggerating my place in other people's lives (shout out to Victoria for that gem)

14. Getting out of debt for good

15. More Hinge dating columns -- Are you caught up?

16. Doing real booty-almost-to-the-floor squats

17. Letting life be good rather than expecting the worst

18. Not letting work steal (too much more of) my joy

19. Not saying yes when my answer really is no

20. Not taking it personal when others don't celebrate my victories

21. Not needing others to share my vision or co-sign my choices

22. Stressing less about things that are out of my control

23.Treating my edges and my ends with the respect and care they deserve

24. Not letting my emotions dictate my eating and compromise my efforts

25.Continuing to stand up for what I know is right

26. Trusting that there will always be another opportunity even if it appears at the moment that there isn't

27. Not placing limits on myself

28. Being more spontaneous

29. Uncompromising on my goals

30. Toning my arms

31.Trying to develop some semblence of patience

32. Growing

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