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I'm Enough: Africa Miranda

Africa Miranda wasn't lying when she told me, "I love trying to give people a good word." In fact, one of the words she shared at the BrownGirlsLove POWER Day put on by Christina S. Brown this past January has stuck with me ever since. And the same is true of the words the actress, spokesmodel, and beautypreneur shared during our conversation about following passions and believing you're enough even when people or circumstances suggest otherwise.

Among the many gems Africa dropped during our chat about the first time someone told her she wasn't enough and the sacrifices she makes to live the life she chose for herself as an influencer and entrepreneur were the three life mantras she and her friends live by:

1. "Use your oil. Whatever your gift is, use it. Don't shrink. I don't care if someone says you don't got it. You got it...everyone has oil."

2. "Know your audience. Everything is not for everybody. Know the places where you are received... You can't spend your life trying to win everyone over."

3. "Don't chase. You're going to have these moments where you feel like nothing is coming together and you feel like somebody sitting right next to you that looks the same is doing the same thing and they're poppin'; it's OK. You have to do what you do. You have to stay true to your race."

That's just the cheat sheet. Listen to Africa's full interview below as she delves further into what it takes to believe you can have the life you want and go after it.

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