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Meagan Good: 'I Feel More Than Enough, I Just Don't Always Feel Enough For Other People'

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to interview Meagan Good about her episode on the new OWN show "Girlfriends Check In" which she appeared in with her sister and fellow celeb friends Tasha Smith and Grace Byers. During our chat, Good shared that she's been doing a lot of "self-internal work" during the Covid-19 pandemic and dealing with some damage she hadn't had time to fully process before due to her demanding work schedule. So I asked the actress my standard question for the site: When did you first get the message that you weren't enough and how did that affect you?

After sharing multiple incidences of racism that she experienced at a young age growing up in predominately non-Black neighborhoods, the 38-year-old said she got the message that she wasn't enough a lot. Still, Good never internalized other people's feelings about her.

"I feel more than enough," she stated. "I just don't always feel enough for other people, but I feel more than enough for myself and I think that's what has sustained me and it's kind of a them that I've always lived by."

Adding that it hurts to feel as though you're not good enough for someone else, especially if it's someone you like or love, Good added, "What's kept me sane is that I know that I'm enough inside of me. I like me a lot. Even where I'm a work in progress, which is a lot of places, I still like me and I still love me and I still feel good enough. I just don't always feel good enough for other people."

Working in a business where she's constantly judged -- either for her looks, her acting ability, her attire, or some other arbitrary measure -- has also left Good on the receiving end of multiple messages that she's not enough as an adult. But her faith in God has helped her remove herself from the emotional tie to those comments.

"I thank God that he has always made me feel like I'm enough because he says that I'm enough. It doesn't make it hurt any less, but it makes it manageable to say here's emotion and here's the reality and I have to focus on the reality of what I know and what God says, not what other people say."

Check out our full conversation in the video below.

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