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I'm Enough: Paris Tyler

Paris Tyler is the woman most of us dream of being. After growing tired of tapping her curls against the glass ceiling many Black women in public relations find themselves up against, she decided to take a leap of faith and start her own business as an independent image consultant.

After taking a month off to mourn the hurt of hearing the same old song about not being a "good fit" for her prior agency, Paris realized she'd received the confirmation she needed to step out on her own and launch her own business. And besides having a tribe of women to lift her up and support her through that dark time, Paris said its learning how to "walk in confidence" that was key to her finally taking the plunge and deciding now that she has launched her own business she can't go back.

"Don't be afraid to just take a step while you're still planning. Some people get so caught up in 'I'm not ready; I'm not completely planned out.' It's okay to be working while you're planning. When you're taking that leap and hearing those doubts, think about where those doubts and fears are coming from."

Watch Paris' full interview below and share your thoughts.

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