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Let's Workout Together!

For the longest time I've dreamed of working out with a group of women who look like me (and want to listen to the same trap music as me) and now that dream is becoming a reality thanks to a partnership with Grillz and Granola!

The ladies behind the brand host a Trap Aerobics class in Manhattan every Monday and now we're throwing a class together called the Trap Drill: Trap, Rap, and Jumping Jacks, where we can connect in person, sweat it out to trap together, and go home with some goodies from Dove, Curls, Vaseline, Icelandic, and Yumami to keep us on track toward our body goals post-workout.

I would absolutely love to work it out with all of you who've been following my journey and are on journeys of your own. The class is June 3 and there are a limited number of tickets so grab yours now, spread the word, and use the hashtags #FitEnough and #TrapEnough on the 'gram so we can all keep up with one another's journeys. See you soon!

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