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90-Day Transformation Results

On August 22, I completed my 90-day transformation with my trainer, Jah Washington of JTW Fit. After three months of hard work I clocked in a weight loss of 17 pounds, and after officially taking my measurements we found those 17 pounds also resulted in a total loss of 9 inches (and one clothing size).

Here's a break down of the inches:

Left Arm- 1 inch

Right Arm- 1 inch

Waist- 2 inches

Butt/Hips-3 inches

Left Leg- 1 inch

Right Leg- 1 inch

The only place I didn't lose inches was my bust, which makes sense since my current bra band size is the same as it was at my lowest weight. I'm definitely looking forward to going down a couple more cup sizes when all is said, but if I had to hold on to fat somewhere, I can think of worse places than my breast.

Over the course of the past 90 days, I also experienced other tangible successes such as deadlifting 135 pounds, coming just shy of running a full mile without stopping, graduating to the 45-pound kettlebell for swings, hitting 52 rope slams in 20 seconds, and completing a pyramid of 55 medicine ball slams and 55 kettlebell swings in 3:25 seconds. I also sorta-kinda did 3 real push-ups, but considering those three nearly killed me, I'll wait to to talk about that exercise again until I've actually mastered it.

Overall, I'm very happy with my results -- despite some of the personal setbacks I allowed to keep me from having an even greater transformation at the end of the three-month period. That's why I'm continuing my training with Jah, attempting to be more disciplined with my diet and more diligent about my cardio to burn through the fat and further define my muscle. With 16 weeks left in the year, I don't have time to waste so I'm looking forward to hitting my goals over the course of the next four months and starting 2018 on the right foot.

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