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The Products That Keep Me From Being A Hungry, Smelly, Disheveled Mess After Working Out

Working out isn't about looking cute --in the moment at least -- but it's not exactly what I'd call a low-maintenance activity either. Even if you don't care what you look like after breaking a sweat, your body demands certain things pre- and post-workout and you don't want to be caught in the gym without them.

I've been known to overprepare on more than one occasion which is why I keep certain items in my bag at all times, just in case I have to run somewhere after exercising and need to tidy up or fuel up. And then there are other items that are just hygienic non-negotiables for me after a workout. (You should be able to point those out easily.)

Here are all the products that keep me from being a hungry, smelly, disheveled mess after getting it in at the gym. And bonus: if you join me at the Trap Drill aerobics class I'm hosting June 3, you'll be leaving with some of these products to try for yourself too. Get your tickets here.

I have a bad habit of working out in makeup which is not so good for my skin. I usually take Olay's Micro=Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths with me on vacation to take off my makeup at the end of the night and it's just as easy to do the same at the office before heading to a workout class.

I've been a clinical strength solid deodorant user for so long I was skeptical a spray could really keep me dry and odorless, but Dove's newest release definitely does. And it's so convenient to just mist the product under my arms in the morning and not think about my deodorant anymore. On top of being an anti-antiperspirant, it also goes on invisible, leaving no white marks on 100 different colors. Seriously, it's the best.

Like most office workers, around 3pm everyday my energy begins to flatline, and when it does the thought of working out feels like torture. To give myself a temporary pick-up, I usually spray a couple mists of OleHenriksen's Fountain of Truth Facial Water which has a refreshing, energetic citrus aroma. It's also great to use after wiping off your makeup to prevent your skin from drying out while also not clogging it with a heavy moisturizer. After my workouts I usually spray a couple mists again just to feel refreshed (and less gross on my walk home).

While I have walked miles for Dove's new Shower Foam, which I absolutely love to shower with in the morning and at night, I realize it's not practical to take on the go. That's when I turn to the classic Dove Beauty Bar whose fresh scent I absolutely love. The signature ¼ moisturizing cream and nourishing formula also keeps my skin soft and the feel I'm left with is far superior than with other soap bars.

Walking around in wet compression pants for an extended period of time after a workout is not good for your vagina. Prevent yeast infections and any other possible irritations by keeping a couple of these individually wrapped cleansing cloths in your bag. It'll buy you some time until you can get home and have a proper shower.

I believe in edge control like I believe in thanking God for waking up every morning. I don't leave home without it; I don't go 12 hours without using or reapplying it. And one of my favorites is Curls' Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste which is great for holding ponytails and buns in place and also adding shine and smoothness to my curls when I let my hair down after a workout -- plus the blueberry smell is amazing!

Confession: I'm notorious for being ashy. Ever since I put on too much lotion in college and slipped and broke a pair of sandals, I wrongly considered dryness a better alternative. And then I realized there was no point in having a toned body with scaly skin. Enter Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion which is formulated with 100% pure cocoa butter. It leaves my skin soft, smooth, non-greasy, and with a glow to show off all that new muscle definition. My boxing teacher doesn't call me "Cocoa" for nothing.

Yes, good old-fashioned water. Hopefully, you already know it's essential for hydrating before your workout, during your workout, and after your workout. but you also need water all throughout the day to keep your body functioning in optimal condition. Icelandic Glacial is 100% natural spring water and its carbon neutral which means it doesn't contribute to global warming. So when you drink a bottle you'll be doing good for your body and the environment.

Didn't see this one coming did you? When you're trying to lose weight one of the best things for your body is protein. Me, being a carb lover, I often find it hard to get enough of the macronutrient in my diet and I get tired of always having to have a sweet version of protein (protein bars, protein shakes, etc.). That's when I stumbled upon jerky as a great high-protein, low-carb, low-fat food that is perfect for snacking, which I also love to do. Unlike so many products on the market, it's real food, and the flavor in Laura's can't be beat.

Okay, so the reason I probably get tired of sweet protein sources is because I rarely go a day without a QuestBar. My first trainer introduced me to these bars a few years ago and I've been a fan ever since. They're filling, contain a high amount of protein and a low amount of carbs and they actually taste amazing, which is rarely the case with a protein bar that actually has a good nutritional profile. These make for great post-workout snacks or even breakfast on the go.

One of the reasons I love carbs is because I love crunch. It's hard for me to just eat grilled chicken and salad and not chew something with a little crisp to it. Popped Nori Chips help me get my fix without the guilt. because they're made with superfoods like Flax Seed, Quinoa, and Chia Seed, as well as Rice, Corn, Nori, and Sea Salt. With only 21 carbs per 100 calories, you can get away with a bag a day and still stay on track.

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