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90-Day Transformation Week 4:30 Days In, 10 Lbs ↓

So guess who doesn't have a thyroid disease after all? Well, it's possible I could, I just haven't bothered to check because I broke through the plateau, which is diet speak for I trusted the process and started eating proteins and greens like a good little client.

After three weeks of no movement on the scale except for my feet constantly hopping on and off of it, I started to see the validation I shouldn't be seeking but am still addicted to: loss of pounds. Ten pounds, to be exact, by the time I hit Day 30 of my 90-day transformation. That 10 pounds felt so good to see after weeks of anguish that it almost escaped me I'm down an entire 30 pounds for the year. That's what happens, sometimes, when you start fixating on one aspect of overall wellness and can't see the forest because of the trees. Scales are my trees, physical fitness is my forest. Thankfully, I'm starting to see it more and more as I focus on the other details that add up to being healthy and fit outside of weight.

I shaved another 19 seconds off of last week's time on my medicine ball-kettlebell slam pyramid drill, I got up to 7.0 speed on the treadmill while doing a 15-minute run interval, and I also tried on some clothes I bought months ago with the hope of fitting into them one day and found out that day had come. The day had even passed for a couple of items that I'll now need to have taken in because I didn't take into account that my social life doesn't exactly match my closet and I should probably slow down on the purchases. But we're focusing on the positive here, and the good news is I'm getting fitter, my clavicle and shoulders are looking like they might want to make an appearance before summer '17 comes to an end, and I've got a better hold on my diet and being non-negotiable about sabotaging it. That tends to happen when you start to see results.

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